CPS-IEP Company was founded in 1998.

We sell, install and service SMT machines.
We provide warranty and post-warranty equipment.
We have spare parts and consumables.

We have a qualified team of engineers, with the help of which we can carry out a full cycle of training, both in the field of handling equipment and process technology.

Currently we sell and serve machines and equipment companies: FUJI, GOEPEL, TAKAYA, PUREX, ROMMEL, SPEEDLINE, among them: MPM,  CAMALOT, ELECTROVERT, ACCEL, SCS.

We offer a wide range of ESD and anti-static products necessary for the manufacture of electronics.

Our customers are: Fideltronik, Jabil, Philips, Flextronics, Kimball, Lacroix.

As one of the most experienced companies in the Polish market, we provide modern and reliable cost-effective solutions.

Our experience allows us to be the undisputed leader in the industry in Poland in terms of number of SMT machines and equipment installed.


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