Test Fixtures & Programs

CheckSum's Turnkey Test Fixture and Program Services

CheckSum is the only automatic test equipment (ATE) supplier that offers complete turnkey packages that are ready for production when the land on your receiving dock. This means you receive optimum performance and reliability at the lowest overall cost.

Not only is the price of Analyst systems a fraction of traditional ICT, more importantly, ongoing operating costs (fixtures, programs, and support) are typically 50% less.

Our focus on minimizing fixture cost and simplifying programming saves money each time a new test job comes on line. Electronic manufacturers who switchover to CheckSum systems find the cost savings to be immediate and dramatic.

In Circuit Test Fixtures and Fixture Kits

CheckSum pneumatic and mechanical test fixtures are rugged, reliable and inexpensive-especially when compared to the heavy vacuum fixtures required by traditional in circuit testers.

CheckSum fixturing is compatible with all of CheckSum’s test systems. Since the electronics are isolated from the fixture you can use CheckSum’s factory-built fixtures or build your own special fixturing or adapters that can accommodate ribbon-cable connectors.



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