TruView™ Prime X-Ray Inspection Systems

The Most Powerful Benchtop X-ray Inspection System

The all new TruView™ Prime X-Ray Inspection System is a fully motorized radiography system developed to meet the stringent requirements of semiconductor failure analysis, BGA and QFN inspection, electronics assembly, and general quality inspection. The TruView™ Prime system is ideal for applications limited to a sample size of 12"x12".

Benchtop and Powerful

For several years technical teams had to make a decision: to buy a large x-ray inspection system for good image quality, or to buy a benchtop x-ray system for low image quality. The TruView™ Prime breaks this paradigm by offering outstanding image quality in a benchtop configuration. The TruView™ Prime can be configured as a generic x-ray inspection system, ideal for use in PCB inspection (BGA and QFN), or it can be configured in a high magnification mode, ideal for semiconductor failure analysis.

Easy to Use

The TruView™ Prime was designed to be easy to use. Utilizing the principles of "plug-and-play", the TruView™ Prime can be installed and ran with minimal training. Unlike the other members of the TruView™ family, the TruView™ Prime is not automated. That reduces the complexity of the system, and allows the easy inspection of samples. One of the deployment scenarios for the TruView™ Prime include tandem use with a TruView™ Elite or TruView™ Number Series, where the TruView™ Prime is utilized for first sample inspection and the larger and automated cabinets are used for online inspection. For more information of how the TruView™ Prime can help you please contact us for more information.

The TruView™ Prime features an accessible interface, supported by the powerful TruView™ 5 software platform that includes the award-winning BGA Inspector. The BGA inspector is a powerful and automated tool for BGA and QFN analysis. The BGA Inspector includes the visualization of individual balls in 3D, an automated calculation of void area, programmable pass/fail criteria, the horizontal and vertical slicing of balls, and a complete report automatically generated in HTML format. The TruView™ Prime also includes a bar code scanner to easily and reliably input information to the BGA Inspector report.

TruView™ Prime S - See the Big Picture

The TruView™ Prime S is a special configuration of our standard TruView™ Prime. The TruView™ Prime S has a large flat panel x-ray sensor - up to 17"x17" - right underneath the stage and a powerful x-ray source mounted on top of the cabinet. This configuration is ideal for applications that required a large field of view - including seed inspection, component counting, counterfeit detection, forensics, NDT, animal imaging, and many more. Our TruView X-Ray Gallery has several images taken with the TruView™ Prime S, check it out here for more details!

When selecting the best TruView™ Prime configuration for your application, take in consideration the size of your sample and how much detail do you need to see. Feel free to give us a call, we're always happy to help you.

TruView Prime Video



TruView™ Prime S Video


TruView™ X-Ray Prime Specifications ::


  • X-ray Source Voltage: variable, up to 80kV (Minifocus) or 90kV (Microfocus)
  • X-ray Camera: 3"x4", or 4"x6" 14-bit flat panel
  • Sample Manipulation: Motorized and controlled by keyboard or joystick. Camera tilt and sample rotation available as options.
  • System Dimensions: 31”x31”x35” (without cart or reel-to-reel)
  • Maximum Sample Size: 24”x24”
  • Maximum Visible Sample Area: 12"x12"
  • Cabinet Door Dimensions: 30”x16”
  • Magnification: variable, up to 500X
  • Included Software: TruView 6 Software. Please check TruView App Store for available applications.
  • Included Computer: PC with Windows OS, fully networkable
  • Options: Cart, Reel-to-Reel, camera tilt, sample rotation
  • Safety: FDA compliant and CE certified. Cabinet fully shielded with multiple interlocks, keyed start switch, and emergency stop switch. Certified to operate worldwide

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