APT 9411


The APT-9411 series is a flying probe test system for detection of manufacturing defects on printed circuit boards using 4 high speed in-dependently moving probes, thus removing the requirement for a conventional bed-of-nails fixture.






APT 9600


The APT-9600CE has 4 moving probes on the top and 2 at the bottom side. The APT-9600CE offers you more flexibility, greater test coverage and faster test speed. Our flying probe system enables not only electrical tests from both sides of the PCB, as an option it can also be equipped with two IC Open Sensors or with moving support pins from the bottom side. Two Camera Systems are integrated into the APT-9600CE.





APT 1400F


The  APT-1400F  is  a  next-generation  flying  probe  test  system  which  has  unprecedented performance in terms of test speed, positioning accuracy and test coverage. Owing to major improvement in test speed and positioning accuracy, the APT-1400F is capable of having the probes  contact  extremely  small  test  pads  deployed  on  the  latest SMT boards with a high degree of accuracy to test it in a small amount of time. In addition, the APT-1400F  is provided with the breakthrough 4-heads & 6-flying  probes,the sophisticated  measuring system and a number of innovative test capabilities that achieve a real improvement in test coverage and contribute the detection of assembly faults which were previously impossible.


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